We turn a technical problem into an innovative solution. Our design philosophy is to keep all  key competence in-house and to continue to improve linkage and dovetailing between the different disciplines.

SME with System Capacityimg7

  • Project management of large projects
  • Systems engineering & design
  • Interfaces to satellite/platform level


Design & AnalysisFEM_HDLHDL

  • Optical & opto-mechanical design
  • Optical mechanism design
  • Straylight and optical performance analysis
  • Structural, thermal & EM-analysis
  • Consultancy




We work closely with workshops specialized in optical and precision mechanics for (aero) space and fusion. Criteria for successful  manufacture is longterm cooperation, flexibility, well established processes and tight monitoring.



Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT)

In our optical laboratory we are able to assemble small optical systems and subsystems. For larger systems and specific clean room requirements we cooperate with partners. Environmental testing (TV, vibration) is performed at specialized test houses.


  • Optical design: Zemax, FRED
  • Mechanical design: CATIA, Inventor
  • Analysis: ANSYS, NASTRAN
  • Numerical computation: MATLAB, Scilab


  • Optical laboratory for assembly and testing
  • Mechanical manufacturing: external partners, e.g. Thomas Markl GmbH
  • Environmental testing: external partners e.g. SGS and IABG


  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Enovia



  • ECSS
  • IO design standards (SDC-IC, RCC-MR)