Optical Systems

An optical system is a combination of lenses, mirrors, and prisms that collect and guide light to a detector array. Typical optical systems such as telescopes, microscopes, cameras, spectrometers and interferometers are used for observation, control and monitoring.

  • KTO is specialized in the design of optical systems with:
  • High performance (precision, resolution, sensitivity, strayligimg6ht,…)
  • Operation in extreme environments (low/high temperatures, vacuum, radiation, zero-g)
  • Low mass
  • High reliability
  • Specific design requirements (materials, processes, parts, requirement & verification management, quality assurance….)
  • Specific analysis requirements (structural & thermal, optical, RAMS/I)
  • Complex project management in a multinational environment with
    manifold partners and international cooperations





Typical applications which need optical systems, adapted for extreme environmental conditions, are:

Fusion – Diagnostic                            Space – Astronomy                                                          Earth bound telescopes
Instruments                                         and Earth Observation

img5              Hubble_during_Servicing_Mission_4_node_full_image_2             img25

Key Technologies

 The KTO team has demonstrated many times working solutions for critical key technologies:

  • Mirror & lens materials and design

    • Molybednum mirrors

    • Aluminium mirrors

    • SiC mirrors

    • CaF2 lenses

  • Precision optical mounts: single point, three point…

  • Ultra-stable opto-structures: Composite, SiC, Aluminium, ….

  • Mechanism for control and calibration: Shutter, filter wheel, actuator

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